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Maddox Standalone 2023- food supplements
01 Aug

Maddox Pharma Swiss hosted an exciting standalone meeting for doctors specializing in orthopedics and pediatrics from Iraq and Libya in the city of Istanbul from August 1–5, 2023.

Over 100 doctors…

20 Sep

Maddox pharma swiss held its standalone meeting, "The Journey Starts With Maddox," in Istanbul between the 20th -24th of September. The scientific meeting reviewed the baby's life journey, starting as a fetus till becoming a healthy, active child…

14 Jun

Maddox Pharma Swiss held its 1st standalone meeting in 2022 -Ortho 2022 in Istanbul, -Turkey from the 14th–18th June 2022. 

During this event, different topics regarding food supplements such as the use of collagen,…