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Maddosol Ectoine

Posted on: Wed, 03/02/2022 - 01:22 By: editor
Maddosol Ectoine

Maddosol Ectoine is your solution to nasal dryness and allergy. 


Modulates the immune response and alleviates allergic reactions. 

Maddosol Ectoine Nasal Spray Solution is an isotonic solution of sea salt with Ectoine. It is intended for people with difficulties in the physiological function of the nasal mucosa, as well as to maintain the daily hygiene of the nasal cavities, especially in the allergy season.

Thanks to the effect of Ectoine, it relieves in a safe and efficient way the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and protects the nasal mucosa from allergens in the environment. Ectoine is a natural substance obtained from microorganisms (extremophiles) living in very harsh environmental conditions (high temperatures, UV radiation, pressure and salinity).

In such harsh environmental conditions, extremophiles react by secreting Ectoine, which stabilizes the cells, protects the immune system of the skin, and ensures a long-term hydration effect. It protects the mucous membranes of the nose from irritants and allergens, thanks to its cytoprotective effect, reducing inflammation and preventing the mucous membranes from drying out.


When should you use Maddosol Ectoine Spray?
- For the daily hygiene of the nose, especially during the allergy season, or preventively.
- In case of increased exposure of the body to various allergens, such as pollen or dust.
- In case of dry and irritated mucous membranes, when their normal physiological function is impaired.
- In case of viral colds and runny nose of allergic origin.
- When traveling or staying in rooms with central heating and air conditioning.
- Immediately before using nose drops, in order to rinse the nasal cavity and provide better contact of the drug with the nasal mucosa.
- In combination with standard anti-allergy therapy.

1 ml of spray contains 10 mg of ectoine, 9 mg of sea salt.

Solvent: purified water.

Contains preservative:benzalkonium chloride 0.1 mg/ml.

Adults and children over the age of 1 year: 1-2 sprays into each nostril several times a day.
Children under the age of 1 year: 1 spray in each nostril several times a day.